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About Us

Whizar is an innovative travel company which offers a web platform to book flights at their optimal prices. We do it by leveraging airfare volatility for prices reduction.

Price is an important concern for customers. Fluctuating airfare causes uncertainty in whether one should wait or book. No way exists to beat the current lowest price without taking a risk.

Whizar brings transparency and efficiency to the problem of airfare volatility, leveraging it to maximize savings on travel. 


Whizar's vision is to increase world-wide traveling by making it as it should be: hassle-free, care-free and affordable.

The Platform

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, we predict future flight prices and sell it today at the predicted lowest price. After customer’s reservation, our platform books it at the optimal moment.


Web Platform

Travelers can book a flight without waiting, at the predicted future lowest price



Using machine learning, we predict the lowest price of itinerary and buy at the right moment


Beat the Lowest Price

Lower prices than currently available by traditional search engines