Book a flight at its best future price

Wenrix (formerly Whizar) helps travel agencies to generate savings and increase conversion rate on existing air volume.

Earn lost dollars and a highly scalable revenue stream.

Save up to 72% of the flight price!

Reduce abandonment and raise conversion rate of bookings.

Increase conversion rate by up to %500!


Air Ticketing Optimization

Save money. Increase Conversion Rate.

Ensure that flights are ticketed at the optimal moment, generating savings for you and extra flexibility for the traveler.

Ticketing Optimization

Optimize ticketing time based on airfares volatility, allowing travel agencies to delay the ticketing of a flight to the time the airfare is the lowest.

Using our advanced machine learning predictive algorithms, we identify airfares that are likely to drop and delay ticketing to the optimal moment.

How It Works

Wenrix’s AI-powered ticketing optimization platform identifies airfares that are likely to drop and delays ticketing to the optimal moment.

Traveler books a flight from the website

Travel agency forwards the booking request to Wenrix

Wenrix delays the ticketing and generates savings

Save Money 

Savings can be shared between you and your consumers. 

Increase Conversion Rate

Give your customer the convenience of free changes and cancellations during the delay window.

Increase Traffic

Be competitive by offering lower prices on meta searches.


On average, save 16% of the flight ticket price for about a third of the airfares.


Average savings per rebooking


Up to x4.7 increase in conversion rate on air bookings


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